Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Comparison of YAMAHA YZF R15 v2.0 v/s Karizma ZMR v/s HONDA CBR 250R

Yamaha YZF R15 version 2.0:-
·         Liquid Cooled Engine provides stable performance, reduce vibrations, and offer a high quality ride. The benefits of using this method include stable performance during long-distance, high-speed riding and hill climbing. Gives best performance without being affected by temperature.
·         YAMAHA YZF-R15 v2.0 is equipped with all-aluminum cylinder called the DiASil Cylinder and a forged piston, the same type of piston used in YAMAHA’s supersport bikes. Eliminates heat-induced engine power loss, and helps improve fuel efficiency.
·         Fuel injection (Fi) is used to ensure excellent fuel efficiency as well as environmental friendliness. YZF-R15 version 2.0’s engine delivers excellent response, fuel economy.
·         With all these features the new Yamaha YZF R15 v2.0 give massive 17 BHP of power with just 150cc of engine and a top speed of 145+ Kmph, this reminds me of MITSUBISHI lancer evo X car which produces 295 BHP with just 2.0 L engine J. God knows the Japanese technologyJ.
·         Linked type Monocross:  The Deltabox Frame combined with the linked type Monocross suspension achieves great riding comfort, agile handling, and turnability. As the heir to the YAMAHA R series, YZF-R15 version 2.0 has inherited the series’ agile handling performance.
·         Aluminium Swingarm.
·         Wider Radial Rear Tyre: The advantages of a radial tire are: (1) a high level of rigidity that reduces excessive flexing of the tread and increases grip and (2) reduced rolling resistance that contributes to better fuel economy.
·         LED Taillights.
·         5-spoke type wheels with new-design middle cowl and new tail cowl it’s a real beautiful cosmetic surgery which everyone is talking around.
·         Designer rear mud guard: an additional feature which adds a complete glamorous super model lookJ
Karizma ZMR:-
·         An Air Cooled Engine, 4 - stroke single cylinder OHC engine with Fuel Injection(Fi) System, is optimized for a better mileage than the previous elder sisters.( though various websites claims an oil cooled engine for Karizma ZMR but the actual website of HERO MOTOCORP shows air cooled engine).
·         PGM-Fi (programmable Fuel Injection)system , the 2011 model of Karizma ZMR is equipped with a 12 hole fuel injector, 16 bit ECU and 6 high-tech sensors to scan the engine operating parameters like air pressure, air temperature, and engine temperature to ensure the optimum air / fuel ratio under dynamic conditions.
·         With a 223cc and 17 PS engine, the top speed is a bit disappointing, i.e. just 126 Kmph. Therefore the fails the league of fastest Indian bike.
·         Astra gold front and rear disc plates.
·         Aerodynamic design for superior handling at high speeds.
·         Multi – Functional digital console with blue iIIumination and personalized message.
·         Sporty full body cowl with body-coloured rear-view mirrors.
·         Excellent visibility and less prone to damage.
·         High intensity integrated LED tail light with integrated clear lens indicators.
Honda CBR 250R:-
·         Liquid cooled 4-stroke Dual Overhead Camshaft 90° V-twin gasoline 249cc engine (DOHC engine).
·         PGMFi (fuel injection) takes help from 6 sensors placed in and around the engine to control ignition timing and fuel injection. Same as R15 v2.0 and Karizma ZMR.
·          Maximum Power of 25 Bhp and Maximum Torque of 23 Nm and an unpredictable top speed of more than 160 Kmph makes CBR 250R “ India’s fastest bike” now.
·         The engine of CBR 250R is light weight and compact which gives vibration free performance showing the sports character, also retaining the advantage of great mileage and sheer power of 25 Bhp.
·         Liquid Cooled Engine ensures high performance with high efficiency.
·         Diamond Frame with Truss Structure tough but flexible frame ensures stability & maneuverability for all type of riding conditions
·         A single shocked pre-load adjustable rear suspension gives a smoother riding experience and comfort.
·         The practical and city-friendly CBR250R is a superbly balanced motorcycle. Poised to provide a stylish bike with adequate performance, street-friendly handling and advanced brakes, all at a really BIG price.
·         The great YAMAHA YZF R15 v2.0 and KARIZMA ZMR “above all” shares similar kind of SOHC (single overhead cam)/OHC (over head cam) engines, which are actually used in almost all recent Indian bikes. Something new which we can see here is DOHC (double overhead cam) engine in the mighty HONDA CBR 250R. This is something new for the Indian motorcycle market. Advantage of DOHCs over SOHCs is that the engine has twice as many intake and exhaust valves as a SOHC motor. This makes the engine run cooler and more smoothly, quietly, and efficiently. In simple words “THE BIKE BREATHES WELL”. But the downfall is that DOHC engines cost more for repairs. DOHCs are much costly than other engine type but to get a long term durable engine its nothingJ.
·         The Fuel Injection system is common in all the three machines and this is the reason which makes all three fuel efficient and with a very excellent mileage for any sports bike.
·         But after surveying internet with various user reviews I felt that Yamaha R15 v2.0 gives better mileage than the rest two competitors.
·         As far as torque is concerned the CBR takes the lead with 22.9Nm @7k rpm, more torque means more driving pleasure, lesser gear changes, more power 'feel'J.
·         But when the word “COMFORT” comes the prize always goes to the KARIZMA ZMR.
So if you just want a touring comfortable bike then go for KARIZMA ZMR, but sooner or later you may feel it’s overpriced for what you get at the end of the day. Its top speed is disappointing, as for a 223cc bike it’s actually a shame in India. But it actually depends on what an individual need. Different people, with different view.
Now the Yamaha YZF R15 v2.0 is a bike with beautiful and aerodynamic shape and technologically advance bike for a 150cc sportsbike. With great cosmetic surgery done, but with just 8000rs more than its elder sister R15 v1.0 I thinks it’s a value for money. V2.0 had borrowed almost all racing components from its Yamaha garage for superbikes and thus giving the Indian masses a great valuable bike which can surely turn people eyes on youJ.
THE MIGHTY and THE UNKNOWN, THE HONDA CBR 250R is a real nice and of course the fastest bike in India right now. The only competitor to this bike in Indian market is the KAWASAKI NINJA250r. It look more like HONDA VFR 1200F but it has got real stunning look with beefy body with great control and torque that can be real delight for the rider, be it a highway or city traffic you can always rely on CBR 250R. The only drawback with this bike is its huge price tag. But the bike has got all value for money with great speed, power, braking and mileage. But to summarize its goodness we can say that, with its DOHC engine, the HONDA had opened a portal for cheaper sportsbike with complete superbike heart to it, in Indian market.

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